A large number of Austin renters plan to move to other cities, Culturemap Austin reports.

A new survey by Apartment List revealed that 65 percent of Austin renters have plans to move elsewhere. Which across the country, this figure is about the same. Renters in 50 metro areas were asked about their moving plans for the survey.

Austin renters love the city of Cleveland.

Many Austin renters have their sights set on other Texas cities, with Houston as the number one choice.  For those looking at out-of-state locations, Denver was the top destination.  In addition, Seattle and Miami came in 2nd and 3rd.

While Austin may be losing those renters, Cleveland renters listed our fair city as their number one out-of-state choice for relocation. Most noteworthy, 35 percent of renters point to the high cost of living as their reason for moving, 32 percent say jobs, and 7 percent blame the weather.

San Antonio renters top the list for the highest percentage of renters who want to remain in their current location. 45 percent of renters want to remain in San Antonio, even though 57 percent are worried about jobs, the affordability, weather, and social prospects are enough to make them want to stay.

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