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Renting an apartment in Austin is always a challenge for someone who is not familiar with Austin’s apartment and rental property market, or perhaps they are not familiar with Austin in general. Seems like there are many factors that go into choosing a place to rent – whether it be an apartment, condo, townhome, duplex or even a house – there are some things many people do not think to consider that might drastically affect how much you enjoy your new home.

Furthermore, when the expert apartment locators at A Plus Apartments evaluate a new Austin apartment or rental property, there are many things they consider. Some of the factors they consider are obvious: number or bedrooms, unit availability, pet policies, rent, and location. However, these are not the only factors that should go into your Austin apartment search. Here are few that you might not have thought of:

The Unit Floor Plan
You know how many bedrooms you want in your apartment, but do you know how you want the floor plan laid out? Did you know you have a choice? While many apartments have similar floor plan configurations per the number of bedrooms, they often have subtle differences that can make each apartment distinction. For example, where are the washer and dryer located in the apartment? How close are the bedrooms to the apartment’s front door? Do individual rooms have balconies vs. one main balcony? Did you know some apartments offer a den? You would be surprised at the variety, so don’t just go on number of bedrooms and baths – look at each apartment’s layout to see which apartment suits your needs.
Noise Levels At The Property
Once you have chosen an apartment community, it is not a bad idea to visit it during the evening or on the weekend. If you can, specifically visit the apartment unit you are considering. If you only visit during the week, while most people are at work, you will not get a true appreciation for the neighbors. Don’t forget – corner unit apartments have less adjoining walls, so they tend not to have as many noise issues, and apartments on top floor don’t have any overhead noise.
The Property Staff
The leasing agent is not the one who will be fixing your dishwasher if it breaks; and he or she is often not the property manager. It is always a good idea to meet these people before move in. Introduce yourself and have a short conversation, so they are more likely to remember your name and face if there is an issue you need addressed down the line.
The Age Of The Property
While there are many quality apartments that are not brand new, the age of the building is a factor in several things: price, maintenance and style to name a few. Think about how this might affect the apartment properties’ floor plans, amenities and maintenance. Then weigh that against any potential budget savings on rent and the proximity to the location you want. This will help you make the right decision.
Unit Location Within The Property
By location we don’t mean the location in Austin, more the location of the actual apartment unit within the apartment community. Do you want to be close to the pool? Or maybe overlooking a greenbelt? Do you like morning sun vs. afternoon sun on your balcony (if the apartment offers one)? How close is your parking? And very important – how many stairs are you willing to climb with your groceries? Furthermore, location of an apartment within an apartment complex can make or break your experience living there and definitely needs to be considered.
Finally, there are almost infinite issues that we could address when talking about renting, we do not have enough space here to look at them all. That is why apartment locators are such a good resource when looking for your next apartment.  As real estate agents, their services are completely free to the buyer and they can save you a lot of time, money and effort in your apartment search.

A Plus Apartments, we work with experience apartment locators who are deeply familiar with the Austin apartment market and specifically with the North Austin apartment market. In addition, we have a proven track record of success places hundreds of clients with the rental property or apartment that was right for them. We pride ourselves on personal attention, quality customer service and results! Therefore we can help you work through all of your questions regarding your apartment options and renting, then help you find the perfect place

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