Today, we’ll be exploring some of the dining and entertainment options in this suburb West of Austin, Lakeway.  We’ll be exploring some of the dining and entertainment options in this suburb West of Austin.
Hudson’s on the Bend is a Lakeway institution.  They are famous for their unique takes on steak, venison, fish, and other meats in an intimate, charming atmosphere.  Even the desserts are extraordinary at Hudson’s.
Sobani Restaurant and Bar serves up unique twists on American fare, with delicious options available for those with special dietary limitations like gluten allergies.  The Shrimp and Grits gets a special shout-out from diners, as does the extensive wine list and romantic atmosphere.
Rocco’s Grill is a local family-owned Italian restaurant that’s been serving up delicious Italian classics for almost ten years.  The Tortellini and Salmon are said to be melt in your mouth perfection, and the tiramisu will satisfy even the most picky dessert lover.
Little Woodrow’s has locations all over Austin and Houston, and their Lakeway location lives up to their reputation for a great beer selection and tasty pub grub in a relaxed atmosphere.  Some people rank it as their favorite Little Woodrow’s location!
The Backyard at Bee Cave is less than seven miles from Lakeway and has lots of great concerts in an ampitheatre surrounded by trees.  Despite the fact that it’s now in the middle of the Hill Country Galleria rather than the middle of nowhere, you can still enjoy your favorite touring and local acts while feeling like you’re communing with nature.
Speaking of the Hill Country Galleria, this collection of shops is less than fifteen miles from Lakeway and has everything you need without having to trek into Austin.
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