Pets need help adjusting to a new home, just like people do, especially since your four-legged friend doesn’t understand what’s going on.  Use Apartment Therapy’s tips to help your best friend adjust nicely to his new digs.  
If it’s an option, visit your new home and neighborhood with your pet before you move in, so they’ll have lots of time to get familiar with the area and the smells of their new home.  
If you can, leave them with a friend while you’re finishing up the packing and when all your stuff is moved.  Often seeing all the things being moved out of the house can make your dog anxious.
Pack all the stuff they need to be comfortable, like toys, bowls and their bed, separately and place them in the new apartment before your dog enters.  Seeing their familiar stuff as soon as they arrive can make them comfortable and ensures them that they’re at their home.
Get a few new toys and chewing stuff so the dogs can be distracted and have a place to direct their nervous energy, thereby making the move positive.  Give your dog the new toys as soon as you enter your new place.
As soon as your dogs have familiarized themselves with their new home, take them for a walk around their new neighborhood to get rid of some that energy and make sure they can chill out when they get back home.
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