Forbes ranked #Austin as the number one city in the country for job creation in the technology field over the last ten years, the Austin Business Journal reports.
Forbes analyzed the changes in employment between 2004 and 2014 for tech-related fields like computer programming, semiconductor manufacturing, and more, plus the growth of jobs in STEM fields.
High-tech jobs grew by 31 percent in that time period across the country and STEM jobs grew by 11.4 percent.
By contrast, Austin’s tech sector grew by 74 percent and as of 2014, its total number of tech jobs was 53,118.  STEM growth was 36 percent from 2004-2014 and the total number of STEM jobs was 86,189.
Number two on the list was Raleigh, North Carolina, whose tech industry grew by 62.3 percent and STEM growth was 39 percent.
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